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We are specialists in  the chemistry of  the oleo-resins from Somalia, Ethiopia, Oman and India.

Our PhD chemist (Dr Ali) has developed HPLC, TLC, GC-MS and NMR analytical techniques that can identify and quantify the main chemical components of the various species of frankincense and myrrh.

Audulteration is very common in the fragrance industry.  Because of the lack of chemistry expertise of other suppliers of these products this practice is unknowingly allowed to continue.   Using our "state of the art techniques" our company can help you be assured in the authentication of your frankincense and myrrh products.


A client asked us to authenticate and provide a certificate of analysis for their myrrh essential oil.  We concluded that prior to distillation, the myrrh gum must have been equally mixed with opoponax gum .  This is an easy mistake to happen as to the new user the two gums resins look very similar.  GC-MS analysis showed the clients myrrh oil was highly adulterated (50%) with  chemical components commonly present in opoponax oil.

If you need any help with chemistry or development of analytical methods for the quality control of any botanical raw materials please click on the contact us button.